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Kafejeto Coffee Roasters ‘The Coffee Tales’

What is your favorite morning coffee? Italian espresso or milky latte? Of course, everything depends on our personal preferences, but there’s one certain thing – popularity of coffee constantly increases. And in spite of those noticeable coffee trends growth, not every consumer realizes where does his coffee come from or what are the differences between espresso and americano. Thus, Kafejeto Coffee Roasters asked us to help them with solving those problems.

Kafejeto Coffee Roasters is a local company working in the North East part of Poland. In order to meet the company needs, we’ve been thinking what would be the best and the most efficient way of building the bond between company and the audience. Finally, we came up with the idea of creating an educational animation series entitled The Coffee Tales, which the main goal is to attract and bring coffee subjects closer to the regular coffee consumers. Thanks to the motion design techniques, we’ve been able to drag the audience into the unique fairy-tale world of coffee. Visuals are emphasized by an emotional storytelling and sounding.

Entering the motion design and animation world was an amazing opportunity for us to advance our creation capabilities, to start experimenting with a new medium, and finally to extend unique content building tools.

Working on animation is a complex process. The basic issue was to determine the style and character, in which we intend to present such a grateful topic as The Coffee Tales. We immediately began to search for an unreal representation that will enchant viewers and encourage them to explore the world of coffee. We wanted to tell a story that will take place in its own world.

Digital backstage: The Coffee Tales by We Shoot People

The choice fell on a character inspired by graphic art and painting. The three-dimensional space in which all the scenes were played out was flattened by a very subtle shadows and a change from a perspective to a parallel view. These steps have brought us closer to the fairytale character, while making the content attractive to adult viewers.

We further emphasized our vision with details in the form of textures, liquid transitions and through the symbolism used. We hesitated for a long time how literally The Coffee Tales should be presented. In the end, we decided that it would be best if there was a certain amount of understatement and symbolism left. Thanks to this, our viewers, like children fascinated by the discovery, can reveal a new world thanks to their imagination. We rejected the pursuit of a realistic and precise presentation in favor of a certain conventionality and the use of artistic means. In this way, the last word of The Coffee Tales will be revealed inside each other.

Digital backstage: The Coffee Tales by We Shoot People

Stepping into the new with an insufficient experience required tones of research, sleepless nights and hundreds of failed experiments – not to mention tens of troublesome renders… Creative process demanded many complicated operations and one inconsiderate step could badly influence the whole delicate composition.

Thankfully, we’ve made it through with the final project and effect is very promising. After distributing four episodes and a trailer of the first series, we can proudly tell that we achieve our goals quicker than we thought at the beginning. We believed that long-term format has a great chance of building an interest and loyalty within the coffee society, but we had no clue that this may happen that fast.

Kafejeto’s YouTube channel has already gained 192 unique subscribers and noted over 30 000 views only on a that platform. For boosting significance and increasing the range of the series we have used Facebook platform as well.

We’re very impressed by the communication possibilities, that has been given by those tools. Thanks to adequately selected visual solutions, composition of emotional storytelling and sounding, we’ve successfully reached to the most demanding audience and it clicked!

Precisely directed content communication causes that Kafejeto is perceived by their audience as a strong and authentic brand. What’s even better, people started to identify Kafejeto as a pioneers and professionals, whose knowledge and dedication surpasses the ordinariness. Besides the great product, Roastery offers a bonus in the form of educational gift and they’re proud of it!

Visit Kafejeto’s YouTube channel!

And enjoy the quality of a great Kafejeto’s coffee.